Glover’s Language Cafe

Three of us made it to Glover’s on Sunday, even though the weather was vile and Sarah had had to drive back from mid-Wales.  Margaret and I showed the flag (literally).  Welsh and Italian were the new groups this month, making 6 languages present.  I found I was very rusty to begin with, and worried that I’d lost what I’d known, but it started coming back (Margaret was very patient) and by the end of the couple of hours I’d stopped worrying and was enjoying myself.

The next language cafe is on Sunday 29 March from 4-7 and I certainly intend to be there.

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1 Response to Glover’s Language Cafe

  1. hi..
    greatly enjoying your blog….
    and I am kind of eagerly waiting for Sunday 29 March.. let c!! all the best and have a good day!
    thanks 🙂

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