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Normally, membership costs £10 per year, payable during September.  In normal circumstances*, the best way to become a member is to come along to one of our Thursday meetings to see what we’re about and decide if you like us enough to stay.  The first two attendances are free, if you come along for a third time we consider you ‘hooked’ and we’ll ask you to pay £10 to cover your membership until the following September.  You’ll be asked to complete a “Welcome” form the first time we see you, so that we have your details enabling us to keep in touch.  You can download the “Welcome” form here:

Welcome Form

Ways to pay your £10 membership:

  1. In cash at one of our meetings.
  2. By cheque – payable to Welsh Club Preston
  3. By bank transfer – please use your own name as reference and pay to Welsh Club Preston account with the Co-op Bank, a/c no 65744026, sort code 08-92-99

We also ask for a voluntary contribution of £1 for each Thursday morning meeting attended.

If you can’t attend on Thursday mornings but would still like to receive a monthly email from us letting you know what’s going on, just email us on clwbsiarad@gmail.com and we’ll be back in touch in no time.  You don’t have to be a member to come along to our social events, but it would be useful if you’ve contacted us before hand to let us know.

*We aren’t collecting membership fees in 2021 – 2022 as we are only meeting face to face on 4 social occasions (see our Home page for details.)

1 Response to Ymunwch /Join

  1. Alan Dent says:

    I’d like to come along on Thursday 1st March. I’m interested in learning Welsh. Absolute begninner. I’m a retired language teacher. My interest is primarily linguistic.

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