NEW! Preston Language Cafe (and Hoghton Dance Night & other dates)

Helo Pawb
A couple of really exciting things are coming up in the next month and there are 2 more Spring dates you may be interested in.
1,  For everyone who wants a little more opportunity to use Welsh (and/or other languages) a new Language Cafe has started in Preston, meeting once a month.  It’s called Glovers Language Cafe because it’s at Glovers Bar, 43 Glovers Court (the turning off Fishergate that has the old Booth’s walkway bridging it)
It’s organised by Lancaster Languages and it first met this January with tables for French, German, Spanish and BSL users.  We’re promised Welsh is being added this month, and Sarah and I are certainly going along.  It’s open Sunday 22 February from 4.00 to 7.00.  Whether you’re fluent or just want to try out basic vocabulary,or like me, are a rusting long-time learner you’ll be welcome.
2.  There’s a big welcome for us as well from the traditional dance group which Beryl and Eve belong to.  On Tuesday 3rd March they’re having a Welsh Dance Evening.  We’ve been invited and admission is free (the 40 or so regulars are the ones who have to pay), there is an initial demo of steps and we’ll be invited to join in, but can sit out if we wish.  It starts at 8.00 at Hoghton Village Hall, Blackburn Old Road, and there’s extensive car parking.,-2.5874708,79m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x487b74965abf1cf9:0xa3fee68940c6468b?hl=en
3.  Our April Clwb Siarad meeting will be on Thursday 9 April in the Harris.  It’s a week later than usual to avoid clashes with the 3 day multi-level Ysgol Basg/Easter Welsh School in Conwy
4.  Also a week later is our May Clwb Siarad, which is on Thursday 14th May.  Anne, who would ordinarily have led the meeting on the 7th, will be at Nant Gwtheyrn with Jenny and Margaret–land-of-song-
(I believe there may still be places available)
and the 7th is also national and local elections day.
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