GDPR Policy

WELSH CLUB PRESTON:  Data Protection Policy

May 2018

Welsh Club Preston is committed to complying with relevant data protection legislation, currently the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and Digital Economy Act 2017 and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation which comes into effect on 25 May 2018.

In order to operate effectively, the Club needs to collect, process and retain a limited amount of personal information from members, including name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, level of Welsh and subscription details.  Such information is needed to enable the Club to communicate with members regarding regular monthly meetings and other Club activities.  From time to time the information may be used to send greetings cards.  When joining the Club or renewing their subscriptions members will be accepting that limited personal information may be collected and used in this way.

In the event of non-renewal of membership by the 31st of December in the relevant year, records will be deleted by the October AGM of the following year.

The Club’s Chair, Secretary and Chairman have responsibility for collecting, recording and storing membership information in a secure way.  The only information kept on line will be members’ e-mail addresses, in a password protected account.  Membership information will not be shared with others without specific permission and will not be used for anything other than the management of the Club as described above.

Club members are asked to notify the Chair of any amendments to their personal information held by the Club.  They may apply to the Officers at any time to review or withdraw such information and the way in which it is being used.  Any concerns about the collection or use of personal information should be raised in the first instance with the Chair who will consult with the Secretary, Treasurer and Committee as appropriate.

Contact details for Welsh Club Preston are published on the website, on the Club’s Annual Diary and on all public display material relating to the Club.

Anne Spooner:  Chair

Margaret Wilson:  Treasurer

clwbsiarad@gmail .com