Clwb Siarad 1.6.17 – Learn Welsh with us each month

Yet another new friend joined us today – the Club has gone from strength to strength this year.  We think we’ve mastered the possessive ‘my / your’ etc – but it has been a challenge!  Good humour and hard work pulls us through.  Top marks to Duncan who has been practising his Welsh on strangers he meets in North Wales.  The AGM was successful and good fun – and we’ve got a full and lively committee to take us through the next 12 months.  Next meeting is 6.7.17, with a revision session on 27.7.17.  All welcome.

Ffrind newydd unwaith eto heddiw – mae’r Clwb yn mynd o nerth i nerth eleni.  Dan ni wedi meistroli meddiant – fy / dy ayyb – ond mae’n heriol iawn.  Dyfal donc a dyr y garreg – a digon o synnwyr digrifwch.  Da iawn Ducan – mae o wedi bod yn ymarfer ei Gymraeg ar ddieithriaid yng Ngogledd Cymru.  Cawson CCB da, mae gynnon ni bwyllgor llawn a bywiog i gario ni drwy’r flwyddyn o’n blaenau.  Cyfarfod nesa ar 6.7.17, gyda sesiwn adolygu ar 27.7.17.  Croeso cynnes i bawb.

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