Croeso Cynnes i Bawb


We’re a group of people living in mid-Lancashire with an enthusiasm for all things Welsh: the country, the language, and family ties.  Everyone sharing that enthusiasm is welcome to come and join us.  We’re a very friendly bunch.

APOLOGIES / YMDDIHEURIADAU:  We are not holding monthly meetings in the Library in Preston until  we feel it is 100% safe to do so during Coronavirus Circumstances.  This information will be updated as soon as we know more.

Our Clwb Siarad meets on the first Thursday of every month upstairs at  The Harris Library in Preston.  We begin at 10.00am, holding classes / general conversation until 12.15pm.  About a third of us are Welsh speakers, others are beginners or more experienced learners.  We break for lunch at 12.15 then run a Reading Group from 1.00 – 3.00pm, except for 3 Thursdays in the year when we hold a Committee Meeting.  Please make sure you check our latest post for any additional sessions or changes to these arrangements if you are thinking of coming along.

See the What’s On page for our regular calendar and social events. We welcome suggestions or links to other groups.  Please comment here or email  We also have a facebook page – search in “Groups” for Welsh Club Preston.

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2 Responses to Croeso Cynnes i Bawb

  1. annellanelli says:

    Mae’r clwb newydd ddechrau – mae na groeso i unrhyw un i ymuno a ni. Ydych chi’n dilyn y rygbi? Ydych chi wedi clywed am ymgyrch y BBC i gael pawb i ganu’r emyn “Calon Lan” er mwyn ‘rhoi’r galon yn ol yn y canu ym Mhencampwriaeth y Chwe Gwlad’? Os dych chi eisiau dysgu’r gan, dewch i’n gweld ni am help.

    • annellanelli says:

      If you use the ‘translate’ button to translate the above it leaves a lot to be desired, but it should do enough to help anyone who cannot understand what has been written.

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